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GENERAL TERMS – Villa Owners


Use of this site is conditional upon your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Adding your home assumes you have read the list of Terms  and are in full agreement with them and the resultant penalties should you not adhere to them.

All members must abide by the following Terms for continued use of our website:

1. I certify that I am the registered owner of the home/homes I have listed on the website.   Checks will be undertaken, unless you are known to us from our social media advertising.   A full address must be provided.

2. I do not own or represent any other homes that are not advertised on this website.

3. I will not use referrals or enquiries obtained from Villas Near Disney to seek or assist in vacation home letting for any other home than those previously notified in writing and listed on the site.

4. I will not pass any information provided by Villas Near Disney to any other person.

5. I will not have links on my website that lead to vacation rental sites either directly or indirectly.

6. I will not allow links to be placed on my website that advertise vacation homes either directly or indirectly.

7. I will not use the facility of this site to “spam” anyone.

8. I agree that I will list all Florida vacation homes belonging to me or represented by me and will inform Villas Near Disney should I purchase or represent further homes. homeowners must list all vacation homes they own. If you do not renew a listing and you have multiple homes on our site, you will be in direct contravention of our terms and conditions. Failure to renew a listing will suspend that home and all other homes you have listed on our website. Member Accounts with homes more than 60 (sixty) days expired will be removed entirely from our site.

9. Advertising is not transferable in the event of your selling your home. No refund will be given. No guarantee is offered that an owners home will automatically be accepted for inclusion for the new owner once the home is sold.

10. Owners who own or operate a vacation rental site that in anyway conflicts with Villas Near Disney will be removed.

11. You are agreeing to purchase advertising for one year,Last Minute Villas is not responsible for actually booking your home and cannot guarantee that you will achieve rentals.   Purchased yearly membership is not refundable under any conditions.

12. Owners passing enquiries to either person(s) or organisation(s).or allowing anyone other than the home owner to answer enquiries will be subject to membership termination with no refund.

13. It is the responsibility of all owners to inform Villas Near Disney of changes of circumstance relative to the terms and conditions detailed above,this includes owners becoming rental agents, management agents or travel agents which would be in direct conflict to “private Owners”.

14. Villas Near Disney reserves the right to alter or add terms and conditions without notice.

If an owner fails to meet the above conditions or notify Villas Near Disney of all vacation homes they or their spouse/partner/representative own or have available to rent such additional vacation homes, Villas Near Disney shall be entitled to:

A. Remove such original vacation home and its owner from its list of approved owners and properties without further notice;

B. Recover from the owner the correct fee in respect of all additional vacation homes that have been offered for the period of membership by that site member and not disclosed to Villas Near Disney;

It is not the policy or indeed a requirement of Villas Near Disney to inform an owner of their suspension or removal from the site.

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